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Gallery Rifle

Gallery Rifle emerged as a discipline after the handgun ban in 1999 with shooters who wanted to continue to test their skills on short range (10 to 50yds) turning or moving targets 


Pistol calibre underlever and semi-automatic .22 long rifle calibre carbines (ie short rifles) became the firearms of choice and many of the old pistol competitions were adapted with amended timings and targetry


The advantage of gallery rifle shooting is that it does not require much space and can be shot in many of the indoor and outdoor clubs around the country


London Practical Shooting Club supports Gallery Rifle as it requires many of techniques needed for Practical / Service Rifle whilst being a challenging discipline in its own right


We regularly hire a bay on Melville Range, Bisley and run an afternoon programme consisting of Timed & Precision 1 (formerly Police Pistol 1), Match 5 of the 1500 and Multi-target (formerly Service Pistol 1).  This series of matches involves deliberate shooting, snap shooting, compulsory reloading, shooting from the left and right shoulders, standing, kneeling and sitting positions and is a good test of shooting skill as well as good fun


In 2010 we also ran a Bianchi practice day at Bisley allowing shooters to practice the Barricade, Mover and Falling Plate matches


Gallery Rifle continues to evolve and grow in popularity with several major competitions held each year at Bisley including the Phoenix meeting.  For more information please follow the link to

Top Image:  Underlever carbine in action

Bottom Image: Not bad!

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