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Civilian Service Rifle

Civilian Service Rifle and Practical Rifle have many similarities although Civilian Service Rifle (CSR) matches tend to be shot at shorter distances (100 to 500 yards) and usually have a lower round count count per practice (e.g. 10 rds per practice instead of 20 to 30).


CSR matches are based on the Army Rifle Association matches with timings adapted to suit bolt-action / straight pull rifles.  Most matches consist of deliberate, rapid fire and snap shooting practices including movement between distances and different shooting positions (e.g. standing, kneeling, sitting or squatting and prone).


There are four classes of rifle:


  • Historic:  Any SMLE / No.4 / No.5 rifle service pattern as issued with no attachments

  • Any Iron: Any rifle with iron sights, no restriction on slings (but bipods may not be used)

  • Service Optic: Any rifle with optic sights no higher than 4.5x magnification, no restriction on slings.  Bipods and forward vertical grips cannot be used but the rifle magazine may touch or rest on the forearm or on the ground 

  • Practical Optic:  Any rifle with optic sights of any magnification, with no restriction on slings or bipods, although if a bipod is used it must remain fitted to the rifle at all times during the match


A number of CSR competitions are held during the year with a 4 day competition held every year as part of the NRA Imperial Meeting.

Top Image: Standing / Kneeling stage at 100yds

Bottom Image: Checking scores after the practice

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