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Thank you for visiting our website.
We assume you are interested in practical/action type shooting
- if this is the case you are in the right place!

The London Practical Shooting Club has an extensive shooting programme at Bisley and other ranges in the South.


We regularly shoot Practical Rifle, Civilian Service Rifle and Gallery Rifle disciplines and can instruct experienced fullbore or carbine shooters on practical rifle techniques. We also have a beginners training programme for probationers that have little or no prior shooting experience. The course covers the basics of safety and marksmanship with a specific focus on practical rifle / gallery rifle.


We offer probably the most economic membership and range fees around and believe in spending the vast percentage of our income on providing shooting facilities for our members - isn't that what shooting clubs should do?

We are a safe, friendly club that welcomes new members who wish to participate in this demanding but exciting shooting discipline.  We also have club firearms and ammunition specifically designed for practical rifle / gallery rifle shooting available for you to use during your probationary/training period.


Please browse through our website to learn more about what we do and if you are interested in participating further please go to the 'How to Join' page for more information.


Practical Rifle

Practical Rifle has been around since the late 1800's but the development  of firearms technology and the impact of the self-loading rifle ban following the Hungerford tragedy have guided the sport into its current format.


Gallery Rifle

Gallery Rifle emerged as a discipline after the handgun ban in 1999 with shooters who wanted to continue to test their skills on short range (10 to 50yds) turning or moving targets.


Civilian Service Rifle

Civilian Service Rifle and Practical Rifle have many similarities although Civilian Service Rifle (CSR) matches tend to be shot at shorter distances (100 to 500 yards) and usually have a lower round count count per practice (e.g. 10 rds per practice instead of 20 to 30).

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