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LPSC is pleased to announce that it is now affiliated to the Phoenix Shooting Club in addition to our longstanding  and successful affiliation to Harlow PSG.  This arrangement full members of  LPSC to attend Harlow PSG and Phoenix SC shoots and vice versa

Phoenix Shooting Club have just finalised a lease on a new practical shotgun facility near Horsham, West Sussex and LPSC members with an appropriate FAC and shotgun are welcome to attend.  Only bird shot  fibre wad cartridges may be used although these are available for purchase on the range.  

Phoenix Shooting Club (Horsham)

Normal shooting days at Slinfold are 4th Sunday of each month, (advisable to check before travelling)


Phoenix Shooting Club are planning to include additional range days and competitions.



For further information please contact Ron Flint by email at

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Practical Shotgun

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