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Practical Shotgun (by affiliation only)

Practical shotgun (PSG) is a discipline where shooters engage metal, frangible and paper targets using section 1 (large capacity) or section 2 (3-shot) shotguns with a variety of shotgun ammunition whilst moving. It is based on Practical Pistol and the stages are very similar in design and scoring.


Please note that LPSC does not organise Practical Shotgun practices or matches as part of our shooting calendar, however  LPSC members regularly participate in PSG via LPSC's long standing affiliations to Harlow Town Rifle and Pistol Club and Phoenix Shooting Club.


LPSC main focus is on Practical Rifle / Service Rifle and Gallery Rifle and prospective LPSC members interested in Practical Shotgun ONLY are advised to contact either Harlow Town Rifle and Pistol Club or Phoenix Shooting Club directly.


Further information on practical shotgun shooting in the UK (including information on other clubs outside the London area) can also be found on the four4Islands website below

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