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1000yd Snaps - 15th Aug 2010

We shoot this match at 1,000yds on Stickledown range, Bisley on several occasions during the year


This is a long range rapid fire match shot at 'pop up' targets. As soon as the target comes up into view the shooter has to engage each of the silhouette targets on the frame with a single round before the targets are pulled down by the butt crew  


Judging the wind is the most difficult part as each of the silhouettes are only 40cm wide (just 3cm wider than the 'V-bull' on a standard NRA 1,000yd targer) and barely visible if the conditions are a little murky


A larger calibre rifle such as 0.308, 6.5x55 or 0.260 Remington with at least two 10 round detachable box magazines are recommended for longer range events such as this


(Left) One of the club rifles, a 0.308 Remington 700 with 10 x 42 telescopic sight, 20round detachable box magazine (not shown in the picture) and a bipod (note the yellow safety flag in the breech to indicate that the rifle is clear)


(Right) 1,000yds as seen from the firing can see why a telescopic sight is recommended at this distance !

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